Executive Committee

Dianne Carter, President

Responsible for oversight of section and liaison between National Headquarters Office & Section; ensures policies, regulations, procedures are followed; presides at all meetings of membership and executive committee; appoints non elected officers and committee chairpersons; serves as ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee; serves as official representative of the section; prepares a quarterly report on sections progress 

Stephanie Haynes, 1st Vice President

Assumes the responsibility of the President in her absence; develops and implements section programs and activities

Darlene Hunt, 2nd Vice President  
Oversees membership recruitment; retention and reclaim activities; works with the National Membership Services Office and the membership fulfillment agency to ensure that membership enrollment forms and payments are promptly transmitted; reconciles the quarterly section membership roster printout and sends changes and revisions to the membership fulfillment agency; notifies NCNW National Member Services of changes of address transfers or death

Crystal Alexander, Recording/Correspondence Secretary
Maintains accurate minutes of the proceedings of all section meetings in a permanent record; maintains the current official records and documents of the Section; provides the seal and signature on official documents

Carolyn McGruder, Financial Secretary/Treasurer
Sets up books to record the cash receipts and disbursements; receives and properly receipts all funds received by the section; maintains financial records; prepares monthly reports; assist in preparing the end of the fiscal year IRS Annual Section Reporting to be submitted when requested by the National Headquarters Office; – Treasurer Receives monthly bank statements and reconciles same; deposits section funds in the bank immediately upon receipt from the financial secretary; issues checks for payment upon proper documentation and approval ; co-signs with section president all checks issued by the section; participate in providing documents for internal or external audits; complies with federal and state reporting requirements

Janet Taylor, Parliamentarian
Ensures that section business is conducted according to the bylaws of the national organization; uses Robert's Rules of Order as the authority in the conduct of meetings and in matters not covered by section bylaws

Lisa Weston, Chaplain
Draws upon spiritual resources to enhance creative relationships and meaning in the work of NCNW

Carolynn Martin, Historian 

Our historian is the primary organizer, overseer and maintainer of the official history of the section. To put the section members experience through the years in context and allow future section members to understand past triumphs, tragedies, people and culture of the section over time. To connect the past and present through maintaining bonds across generations.


Chrishae Bass, Administrative Assistant


Cornesia Wilson, Social Media

Carmen Taylor-Jones, Public Relations

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