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New Research Show Black Women More Objectified Than White Women

Fun fact: The very first article I ever wrote for The Root was titled, “5 Signs You’re About to Be Racially Fetishized.” It was early 2016, and I was a model and musician-turned-relationship-blogger dipping my toe into the shark-infested waters of online dating after reaching the milestone age of 40 as a newly single woman.

Suffice to say, it was a learning experience—especially as an “equal opportunity dater,” a longtime practice based more in pragmatism than preference (since I’ve been disappointed by partners of several races). In the process, I was not only subjected to men who clearly just wanted to know what it was like to date a black girl, but in the (apparently now-deleted) comments, I was branded everything from a “swirling aficionado” to a “negro bed wench.”

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