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New project by CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, ‘American Woman,’ eerily similar to series empowering black wom

CNN’s new digital project, “American Woman” by Brooke Baldwin, is eerily similar, and even has the same name, as a project that a Pittsburgh woman started in 2016 to empower black women.

Both projects feature patriotic red, white and blue images with stripes depicting the American flag. Both projects are designed to put a spotlight on strong women, but the CNN version that launched on Jan. 3 features celebrities such as Betty White and Sheryl Crow, while the other version focuses on “Black women in America” and is nearly two years old.

The non-CNN version’s creator, Sarah Huny Young, penned a letter expressing her frustration that was first published by The Root. Young explained that she called her site “American Woman” instead of “Black American Woman” for a very specific purpose, and CNN’s project could devalue her goal.

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