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First African American Woman VP of News at CBS Urges Women To Ask For What You Want

Kim Godwin is a sponge for positive input. When her kindergarten teacher told her she could be anything, she believed it. When a high school teacher told her she was a good writer, she owned that too. And when FAMU journalism professor, Phil Keirstead, saw something in her as a college freshman that made him say she’d make a good producer, Godwin ditched her pre-med plans and changed the course of her life.

Now, as the newly installed first African American woman vice president of news in the history of CBS TV, the Emmy Award-winning Godwin says she owes much of her success to good parenting and those great teachers. But a deep dive into her résumé’s backstory shows that the real key has been her consistent eagerness to do what many women don’t: Godwin asks for what she wants.

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