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Mellody Hobson on Why There Aren't More Black Women Execs

Thasunda Duckett, CEO of consumer banking at JP Morgan Chase, wants to set one thing straight.

“Diversity is not a business case. It is who we are and it is what we’re going to get done,” she said Tuesday at the Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington, D.C.

Ann-Marie Campbell, the executive vice president of U.S. stores for Home Depot and Mellody Hobson, president of Ariel Investments joined Duckett in a discussion with Fortune senior editor Ellen McGirt about the barriers facing black women in corporate America.

Campbell is currently the only black woman on the 2017 MPW list.

“Being the only one represented from the African American or Caribbean community — it’s not really an honor for me because I really do think there are so many others that have the performance, they have the capability, but they have to get the opportunity,” she said.

The discussion opened with a simple, but challenging question McGirt explored in a recent feature for the MPW issue of Fortune Magazine: Why aren’t there more black women executives?

The answer, as the panelists explained, is multifaceted.

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